The Newcoming.

By frapplejuice :: Sunday August 19th, 2012


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"This is the begining of the newcoming my lord" The emperor said to the lord. "Ah I see this saga going places my emperor," "Now it is time for us to show our true colours and rise tot he top of the pack and become legends." This story is about this collab maybe we won't be legends or we might not go places but we deserve some respect for doing this. More of the story. "Well the first of our easy challenges," said the emperor to the lord, "Not hard really lets do this quickly so the newcoming of us can become the best of the rest." "Not so confident my young emperor you must do this alone and no help from the flock. Now where has your confidence gone?" Said the lord with some redemption in his voice. "Well put it this way lord. Now I really feel scared and now it looks a little more hard than I imagined in my head. Maybe the newcoming of a saga was not the best idea of my life." Said the emperor with maybe his last ever breath on earth. He may never return back to life again...

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