Tribute to Brown Dog

By furfurrykitty :: Friday January 25th, 2013


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This is my dog Brownie. He died in May 2012. He was 13 and you all know my age. I miss my Brown Boy. It feels like yesterday he was howling at the door to be let in. He was hit by a cae, it was just after we'd moved into that house. I am almost crying writing this. I got an idea to make this for my dog from wolfzoroark. :( I love you Brownie. Ok, I'm really about to cry. Cletus died almost exactly a year before Brownie, Cletus was also hit by a car. Speckales was my grandma and grandpa's dog, died on the way to the vet, in my grandma's car, my brother and grandma were in the car. OH SAD TIMES. I am glad I have a recording of his howl on my DSI. I love you Brownie. :'( Bye.


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