The Best Mario Kart Game In History

Review by futuremillionare on Friday, December 19th 2014
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Mario Kart 9 is a game created by konnichiha

Making Mario Kart 9, Konnichia showed that he is not only good at making shooter games and platform games, but also PPGs. This game is so good that is makes all the other Mario Kart games look like nothing. You may ask how, and if that is the case, then it is time to find out in the upcoming part of this review.


The controls are simple and fun. In this game, you have the ability to move the kart not only up and down, but sideways as well. Plus, while moving in any direction you want to go in the game, you also have to looks out for obstacles too, such as signs and pieces of grass.


Going from exciting background items from signs that say text on them to well placed pieces of grass, this game is outstanding in it's appearance (nothing else to say about this category).

Now that we have covered all the aspects of the game, lets get to ratings!


Gameplay: ______/_____
Appearance: ______/_____
Overall: ______/_____

So, what are you waiting for? Go play it!


Mario Kart 9 Reviewed by futuremillionare on Friday, December 19th 2014. The Best Mario Kart Game In History - A game review written by futuremillionare for the game 'Mario Kart 9' by konnichiha. Rating: 5