One Hit And It's Game Over...

Review by futuremillionare on Monday, March 9th 2015
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One Hit Kevin is a game created by demonxz95


Hello and welcome to futuremillonare's entry for Royal Review Rumble 2014 (because it is defiantly the year 2014). Today, we will be taking a look at a fairly popular Retro Arcade game, One Hit Kevin, created by Demonxz95, a member mainly known for his seven featured games and MS badges (Reviewer and Editor). Having played many of Demonxz95's previous games, I had high expectations for this game, especially considering he is one of the better Retro Arcade game makers on the site. Now, if you take a moment to think about the title One Hit Kevin, you can probably already begin to realize that it is hinting at the gameplay, which is a one hit and die type of concept. That being said, if you take a moment to look at the thumbnail, you will find that to be fairly obvious as well, considering the huge amount of lava shown in the thumbnail that the player has to avoid in order to win.


Now that we have finished up the introduction, let's take a look at the at the incredibly brief stoyline. In fact, taking a look at the description for about a second is a sufficient amount of time to get the full storyline of the game: "Our friend Kevin is on a little journey through a magical land" (And yes, whether you know it or not, you do have a friend named Kevin). Even though I think a slightly more interesting storyline would be nice, I actually find it sort of nice how the storyline is quick, realistic compared to other game storylines out there, and it quickly sums everything you need to know about in the game, as far as storyline goes, since the game's primary goal is completing challenging puzzles and traps.

When coming down to the gameplay, the title pretty much sums it up. The gameplay is based off of a one hit and die type of concept. This basically means that there is a scene in the beginning of the level, which takes away almost all your life, and then you are forced to conserve the remaining life left for the rest of the game. Although some levels may seem to have a very small length, the gameplay actually feels a lot longer than it is since each scene is full of puzzles and traps which test all your Retro Arcade game playing skills, especially since you have very little life while trying to complete the puzzles and traps.

Speaking of puzzles and traps, this game is full of them. While most of them are complex, there are some simple ones as well. However, beating the simple ones will also end of being hard because chances are that the harder puzzles will only lead to you overthinking the easier ones, and therefore lead to you attempting them a numerous number of times to get past them, despite them being pretty easy. I liked this because it always lead me not only thinking about the puzzles themselves, but also about the complexity of them as well.

While this game is more of a tribute to the One Hit Phil, a platform game made by Shayminlord789 which was inducted into the EGL, I felt that it still seemed quite original. Even though the concept had been based off of another game and also used quite a few other times before (i.e. Shy Guy, a shooter game created by Konnichia), I still liked how Demonxz95 put it into the Retro Arcade creator and by doing that he also gave an original feel to it. Looking past the concept, I also noticed that the puzzles are original. If you were to look through all of Sploder's Retro Arcade games, then you would find very little to no games featuring the puzzles that Demonxz95 used in One Hit Kevin.

Without any top scores as of now, One Hit Kevin is defiantly a difficult game! The reason for such a high difficulty level is that the puzzles are traps require a great amount of accuracy to complete. If you make one mistake from a jump, or possibly even moving from a certain platform a second too late or early, then you will see the game over screen appearing on your computer. While the game is very difficult (and could lead to one smashing multiple computers while playing it), I like the challenge because it brings a feeling of accomplishment when the next level screen begins to appear. Also, I like how Demonxz95 provided multiple lives at the beginning of each level to ensure the player multiple attempts at each level, allowing the player to learn from there past mistakes and fix them the next time around. In addition to the extra lives at the start of each level, I also like how Demonxz95 took the time to make an easier version for those who would still like to play One Hit Kevin, but are not as experienced in playing Retro Arcade games.

With such a high difficulty level, it may seem like it is not a fun game to play because of how many times you die; however, it actually is fun to play for one simple reason, the addictiveness. Because of the challenging, original, and entertaining gameplay, One Hit Kevin features a very addictive feel to it, one similar to the challenging app Flappy Bird. This not only increases the player's want to play the game, but also the player's want to complete the game as well.

In addition to the addictiveness, the player is also kept in be the nice atmosphere of the game. Even though I saw room for a small improvement in some parts of the game as far as the scenery goes, overall the scenery fit the atmosphere of the game and accomplished what it needed to do.

Pros & Cons



-Puzzles and Traps




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Gameplay: ____/_____

Puzzles and Traps: _____/_____

Entertaining: _____/_____

Scenery: ____/_____

Addictiveness: _____/_____

Storyline: ___/_____

Originality: ___/_____

Difficulty: ___/_____

Overall: ____/_____

Final Thoughts

While I think some parts of the game could be edited to make the game slightly better, I do feel that is does reach the feature worthy mark; however, One Hit Kevin fall short of being inducted into the EGL. Well, that is it for today, now what are you waiting for? Go trie One Hit Kevin out and experience it for yourself!


One Hit Kevin Reviewed by futuremillionare on Monday, March 9th 2015. One Hit And It's Game Over... - A game review written by futuremillionare for the game 'One Hit Kevin' by demonxz95. Rating: 4