making a part of it.

By galcre :: Monday July 2nd, 2012


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as a crew we can hang out,plan to make things together,make graphics for others in the crew to use,and defend each 13 best friends in a crew group and such.each member needs to have hes own graphic as an avatar,mine is the blue shy guy i made.the first 12 claimers,will become part of this crew.then this game will be deleted,and the crew will go with ourselves.then the whole group will decide what will be the group name.this is a wonderful idea,i love it,dont you?i wanna have a crew group which i can rely on,dont you?just claim to become a member and tell me what graphics of yours is gonna be your avatar.i will announce the crew shortly after in another game like this one,both games will then be can even start your own crew,but this is please leave a message claiming with the graphic,and wish yourself luck


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