Ridiculous Answers p1

By galcre :: Friday July 20th, 2012


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in this show we have special guest stars:randy and friend friend friend.they are answering the question:Why cant sharks see very well....They made their own unique creative stories,and then you decide to either agree with randy,friend friend friend,or make your own theory.Then both their answers and mine are mixed to create a random story on why they cant see.Then the real answer is given.Then this series will depart in 2 ways and unite in p3.There is going to be 2 part 2s.The special version for people that like or know of pokemon,and the normal p2 with another topic.Then there will only be 1 part 3.Now i created this for people to have a good laugh,or hear unique stories,or see what 3 random stories mix up to.Now i am making this series for a personal reason,and i know im not very good at game making.P2 original,will have a proffesional reality show set that matches the topic,and so will all the other episodes.So if you dont have anything good to say of this game,then either back off or give advice in the nicest way.


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