HeliTrooper. DEMO.

By gamekid2011 :: Thursday November 28th, 2013


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My EGD game. DEMO. All the graphics are made by me. Hoe you like it. STORY-LINE: In the year 2200, scientists are brain-storming a new kinetic robot the could save the Earth any day. The brain-storming went on for years until a scientist came up with an idea that was so superior. He thought of a futuristic helicopter with many gadgets that would save the Earth from any dangers. He named the flying weapon: 'HeliTrooper'. The decades passed, HeliTrooper had never been used. He had been in storage for over 50 years, getting dusty. However, in the year 2280, an unforgettable alien apocalypse was taking place on the Earth. The aliens from the planet 'Zutron' had flew over 100,000 miles to invade the Earth. The Zutron Army were the strongest in the entire universe. They had an army of over 10 billion. They had never lost. They most of the planets in the milky-way, apart from Earth. The intended to invade Earth for more space to dump rubbish. They would use the humans as their slaves. This is where HeliTrooper, the futuristic helicopter, helps out. But one HeliTrooper isn't enough. Scientists find the blue-prints of HeliTrooper from 80 years ago and make clones of HeliTrooper. They thought to add different colours the different HeliTroopers to tell them apart more easily. The day came, some one had the control these Heli-Troopers, don't they? You are the chosen one who controls the HeliTroopers through-out this chaotic war. What will happen when the small group of HeliTroopers run into the strong, 10 billion soldier, army of Zutron? Only you can find out.


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