Review: The Impossible Quiz - By Maddogten

Review by gamemasterboy on Sunday, December 12th 2010
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The Impossible Quiz is a game created by maddogten


Ths game has a pretty average, boring Thumbnail so I almost ignored it - But, the Title managed to save it: '"The Impossible Quiz? Wow, sounds interesting..".


This game was very frustrating because, whenever you made a mistake - you had to start over! [~SPOILER ALERT~] Basically, in this game you progress along a passage and bump into a load of questions and puzzles, Sounds easy? Well it's not. Some of the questions and puzzles are easy and can be guessed by using Common Sence, but some you may have to find the answer through the process of Elimination, which is annoying because during that proccess you'll most likely have to restart the game! The thing I like about this game is the fact it's such a simple idea, but this is the first game of It's type I've ever seen. This game is of course better for the calm, puzzle liking type - not the 'I WANNA SHOOT EVERYTHING' type. xD. Here are the Pros and Cons of this game:


- Simple yet awesome idea.

- Clever Puzzles and questions.

- Different from most games found on Sploder.

- Good if you're a puzzle fan.


- Frustrating (It's ment to be)

- Slightly boring thumbnail, so it won't attract as much attention as it should.

- Not good if you prefer Shoot 'em ups.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice, clever game with amazing puzzles. Very frustrating though and the thumbnail doesn't help it attract attention. I really enjoyed playing, and writing a review about this game!


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