Baldis Basics In Sploder 2.4

By gamerkid158 :: Wednesday January 16th, 2019


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READ DESCRIPTION FIRST BEFORE ANY FURTHER PLAYING: 4.1 is here! And Im not making the full game until we get A BUNCHA VIEWS! I dont think you can complete this game yet until the final release. But you can complete it is 4.1! It took me a month to make this game so please give me your best rating! New updates: *New title screen *Map update *New baldi speech *Static sound revomed (finally!) *Playtime has new look and ability *Red room is harder and scarier *3 new Red Map characters (and one is creepy) *Gotta Sweep is finally in his closet! (lol) *File Name 2 is here! (secret ending) *Secret Ending Added and Final Boss Battle! (with a little something extra ;) *New item Lock (please dont use it as a shield just use it as a lock for blocking characters!) *New item Bsoda (yes! you can only use it 10 times just to know.) Well there might be more in here but probably not. And i dont think this is a 2.4 update but rather hight like 2.7 But anyways enjoy the update! STORY: Your friend Penelope forgot all of her note books in every class. You insist to get them for her. You are greeted by the teacher who wants to give you trivia math questions, while this happens Cruelity Crafts comes to school. Cruelity Crafts secrelty curses Baldi and his friends including Playtime! (penelope) Also a friend of yours called Fred (file name 2) is locked up in baldi's office due to the work of Cruelity Crafts. Can you stop Cruelity Crafts and free all of your mindslaved friend before Cruelity Crafts basically.....rules the world? (by the way cruelity crafts is arts and crafters evil clone) It is up to you! Enjoy! Guys i know that some of you are struggling to pass the game so here is some tips. At the start where baldi is mad you must start moving asap when you start the game. go down the hall with the down key and you will see the principle but dont touch him. Speedy will come so try your best for speedy not to get you touched by the principle. When you see a notebook and a lock, drag the lock to the notebook and you will get it. You can use the lock for placing too. But i think I died for using the lock so the lock is not usable yet. ITS LOCKED XD. You can also grab the notebook yourself but use the lock if you like to cheat. Then go to the right end of the hallway where playtime spawns. You will see the cafeteria doors. Go through them without touching playtime. When playtime has a big rope then dont touch her. When you get to the cafetira get the next notebook. Speedy or playtime would be in the way so if you had your coin, use it on the vending machine and take the bsoda. Shoot the bsoda at them. If you can. You will not need the bsoda much anymore. Then go to the faculty room and take the shield. Baldi or Gotta sweep or both will be in front of the door. Go down first to get the other notebook. There is a shield at the right top corner of the faculty room. Take the shield and you can push them away with it. The Bsoda works better for baldi but i recommend to use the shield for Gotta Sweep. Once you do head for the right and get the next notebook. By this Gotta Sweep and Baldi can get you easier so watch out. Then for the last note book, The principle is standing in front of the door. Also arts and crafters is gaining up on you, So you must quickly wait until the principle goes away and once he does, run quickly into the room and get your last note book! You do this, but then the school is suddenly bombed by Cruelity Crafts robot. And many scary creatures get into the school! You must get to the 4 exits. Each exit damages Cruelity Crafts and his monsters. Watch out! Cruelity Crafts can also attack. When you get to the last exit, Baldi and friends return to their normal self and is put out of Cruelity Crafts mindslave. You had an old friend named fred who was kidnapped by cruelity crafts long ago and you quickly remember that this exit leads to Baldis Office which was tooken over by cruelity crafts long ago. No one ever went there again. When you go near this exit, you remember that Fred is here! Cruelity Crafts then temps to lock everyone in the office where he can mindslave them all at once, but he forgets playtime and player. CC once tried mindslaving fred but it didnt work but he soon figured out that it takes many people to mindslave one with a powerful soul, So thats why CC takes baldi and others, well almost others. You and playtime, like i said escaped. So you must save baldi and friends and defeat CC and free them. Then go back to the portal to turn everything back to normal with fred, I will create an ending for that in a separate game because i cant here. Now really enjoy!


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