felling stressed

By gamerkid158 :: Tuesday February 19th, 2019


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Sorry if the title made you more stressed. If youre feeling stressed, I want you to know that you are precious and nothing can break you. This is just life. Its not your fault. No matter what, no matter what anyone thinks, no matter what problems you face, no matter what you go through. Its never going to stop you. You are perfect because there are so many ways that make you unique to others. They are just in pain because they dont know how to accept their self like you dont know how to. There is a reason for everything. Their life is probably just as depressing as you think yours is. We are all special because we arent. We all have good in our hearts. And if we cant accomplish that, its okay. Because we are not perfect. Thats why we are unique. So dont feel bad about yourself. Because there is always going to be someone there to unlock you from your cage. And if there is no one, look up to the holy lord. You are the best person for being alive. Gods love for us pumps all of our hearts and the blood streams to every part of the body charging hope and love into our spirits. Breath in and breath out. Its time to love yourself, for you. I like you for who you are. So spread your love to all your hated ones and show them how to turn off the torturing chair. Cheesy? if you like cheese then thats a treat. If you dont like cheese, then you can give it to the haters. Oh god i just got you more stressed now what am is supposed t-Enjoy the game!


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