Zombies In Jacket - Review #2

Review by gerald123 on Sunday, September 15th 2013
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Zombie Defenders is a game created by cartoonguy

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Hello humans once again. This is my second review of a Sploder game. Yesterday I was like: "Do I have to check my old favorite games and review them?" and yeah, I did it. One of them is Zombie Defenders, a great shooting game from Cartoonguy. I've beaten the game so I can describe all the levels, graphics, power ups and more. Are you ready ladies?

Game: Zombie Defenders

Maker: Cartoonguy

Creator: Physics Puzzle Game Maker

Release Date: January 5th, 2013


Ladies, I want to introduce you to Cartoonguy, a forgotten member who made one of the best Physics Puzzle Games but no one gave a splode about his games. Sad... Anyway, after killing 'em all, I am ready to review the game. The thumbnail is nothing comparing to the game, but people will click on this game even though they don't know how it is. Now let's start describing the game.


In a world infested with an army of zombies, you have to defend yourself from their attacks. They have hands, they have head, they have legs, but the important thing... they have jacket. Yes, zombies in jacket. If you make one little scratch on their jacket, they will rip off your head and throw it into a grinding machine. It is fun seeing their faces while you kill them one by one and the jacket gets down. As he said by himself, the levels felt repetitive so he made only 4 levels. Well, enough to kill 'em. 'kay, let's go.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

The player is a brown haired man with shades and big shoes. He really looks like he is going to finish the work. He uses a slingshot to kill the zombies, which are the baddies in this game. Enemies made this game freaking entertaining. They walk, they run, they die. It is you deciding if you wanna be you who dies or the zombie. They have a good structure of the body, because if you shoot them on the head, they keep walking, only if legs or the body is ripped then zombies can die. There is a final boss which I don't understand what it is, he is black, that's all I can say. :)


Grab your mouse, click the left mouse button like crazy and aim correctly. Well, at first I didn't know the controls so I just shot in the air and I accidentally found a secret power-up that gave me an extra life. xD To sum up, only mouse is the way to control the slingshot. You can't move the player by the way. :(


All of the graphics made by Cartoonguy and it seems like he knows how to make professional graphics. All the levels have different graphics so it doesn't get repetitive with the same graphics. New zombies and new things comes up with a lot of cool graphics. I would rate the graphics 5/5.


Yep, there are power-ups. You will have one, only if you find them. I am not describing them so you can find by yourself the way to get one more life... Hint: Shoot everywhere, you will find it if you don't see it.

Level Design/Scenery:

He used the 3D design to make the game look very original so you will not get bored of that annoying level. Each level has different 3D objects but I found something very weird behind the objects. There are some zombies behind the trees on level 2 and can't shoot them and they don't spawn. That must be a secret. He made trees with no graphics but only with objects. It will be great if he continued to make more levels because I am curious what Cartoonguy can do with 3D level design.


The only puzzle I found, is finding the secret power-up. This is a shooting game so it is not meant to have puzzles.




All entire game don't have glitches and I would appreciate Cartoonguy for that, because it is hard to fix all the glitches you can found on a Physics Puzzle Game. He used the London music by Moonove on the first 3 levels. I think this is a thing I don't like, because the game gets boring when you have the same music playing on. Most of the gamers and players likes the game because of the music.

And finally, the rating for Zombie Defenders:

Gameplay: 4.5/5 I really like the way you have to kill the zombies and how the game works.

Controls: 5/5 Thank god controls are alright.

Power-ups: 5/5 Power-ups are secretly hidden so you have to find them. I like it. :)

Level Design/Scenery: 5/5 Level design were great for me.

Puzzles: 0/5 Didn't found any puzzle, but this will not indicate on the final rating.

Traps: 0/5 Same as puzzles.

Glitches/Music 3/5 Music need to change every level in my opinion, you just have to find the right music for it.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 5/5 Yeah.

FINAL RATING: 4/5. Good, CGuy. ;)

G1's Final Thoughts:

Zombie Defenders was worth playing it so I am not bored or something. The only thing I want to say to Cartoonguy is one advice: Make the games longer and spend a little more time on them so you can get a feature-worthy game. I really wish he would make more levels and I would play them with pleasure.

So, this was my review of Zombie Defenders. If you want to learn more about me or Cartoonguy, just visit our profiles. Until next time, bye bye.

Peace off. :)


Zombie Defenders Reviewed by gerald123 on Sunday, September 15th 2013. Zombies In Jacket - Review #2 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Zombie Defenders' by cartoonguy. Rating: 4