Pixel, Pixel Everywhere. - Review #5

Review by gerald123 on Saturday, November 16th 2013
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Pixel 2 .updated. is a game created by mangabros101

Starting to record in 3, 2, 1…

Hello once again. It has been 2 weeks since my last review and I thought about writing another one for you guys. Well, I was excited about the releasing of SGD games and also other games which got featured so, I took a look at the Friend's Faves and saw this amazing thumbnail. I played Pixel 2 .updated. and as always, I’ve played through the entire game to give you the in-depth review you have been clamoring for. :P Man, I love to say this. It makes me proud of being a good gamer. Okay, enough of Off-Topic. Let's get to the review? Ready, ladies?

Game: Pixel 2 .updated.

Maker: Mangabros101

Creator: Physics Puzzle Game Maker

Release Date: November 6th, 2013


Firstly, I want to introduce you with Mangabros101, a non-famous member of Sploder who got his first feature with this game. I watched his activity and it seems he is not active much. Anyway, before Pixel 2 was updated, I played the old game and decided to review the game only if it has a story. Then, Mangabros wrote a story, but it was very short. I still wanted to write a review because the game was incredible and it deserved to get reviewed ... One of the thumbnails (it changes a lot, there are two) is very attractive, though this game got a few views in 2 weeks. It looks like a boss battle but it isn't. Then, the title makes me think what this game has to do with Pixel. I found it out and read what I discovered.


"A young Grass creature is threatened by a demon in the land of Pixel, and it's up to him to avenge his people." When I read that, I facepalmed because I am getting tired of Demons in the game. :P Anyway, the story was added after the update. The game starts with a cover of the game. The story appears after you beat one or two levels by showing a nice art of where the Grass creature is heading to. The difficulty changes a lot comparing to the first levels and to the finals. I found it hard at the beginning and easy at the end. The game can be beaten by everyone. Mangabros tried to make everything pixelated.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

Where the heck this creature comes from? I haven't beaten the first episode but it looks like the player and his story is not "identified". I like to call him Greeny. ^.^ Now, give a warm welcome to enemies. This is one of the things I wanted more. The number of enemies is small and you can easily get throw the levels like a boss. I got disappointed

from this and also from the easy final boss battle.


As I said, I've played the game before it got updated and I think the controls were better before the update. I am not quite sure about what he changed but I know that you can double jump and move faster in the update version which I don't like it. During the final boss battle, player got smaller and the controls were the same. This affect to the movement of the player and it bad. xO


Well, I am 100% sure that I wouldn't do all those graphics to make a game. I usually get tired of making decoration graphics but Mangabros don't as it looks. Mostly everything is pixelated and nicely done with perfect shapes and colors. Graphics are used in every level and I especially like the ending graphic where the Greeny gets happy. To sum up, the graphics were good.

Level Design/Scenery:

I did not found anything special in the level design. Somewhat, it was repetitive excluding the art levels. The sizes of objects were perfect in my opinion, but the final boss battle level design was a little bad. The scenery is the part I liked the most. All was pixelated, really good colors chosen and decent placement. I wished I could to that scenery too in my games...


Nope, didn't find any. I tried to do something glitchy but nothing happened. The entire game seemed to work fine. The game needs music. I usually raise the points from the choice of music, because I find it important in the game, especially when it's a long game.

And finally, the rating of Pixel 2 .updated. :

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Controls: 3/5 Player gets faster and the jumping gets different.

Level Design/Scenery: 4/5 Some levels were perfect and some levels were decent.

Glitches/Music: 3/5 DJ, turn on the music.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 4/5 Yeah.


G1’s Final Thoughts:

I really liked the graphics in the game and especially the art levels and also the second and third level including the intro/cover. I am not quite sure if this game is feature-worthy, because it needs a longer story, puzzles, longer levels and also music. But that's just my opinion. Everyone thinks different.

So, this was my review of Pixel 2 .updated. . If you want to learn more about me or Mangabros101, just visit our profiles.

And hey Manga, I am looking forward to Pixel 3. I am really curious what is going to happen next and if you find anything new to put in the game.

Until next time, bye bye.


Pixel 2 .updated. Reviewed by gerald123 on Saturday, November 16th 2013. Pixel, Pixel Everywhere. - Review #5 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Pixel 2 .updated.' by mangabros101. Rating: 3