War Has Began! - Review #6

Review by gerald123 on Wednesday, November 27th 2013
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V8 is a game created by daniel567

I am trying to use another reviewing system for you guys and I hope you like it. You will spot difference from my old reviews, new things and also I am trying to use new expressions, words and extend it a little. Tell me if you like this kind of reviewing.

What's up guys and welcome to my 6th review. I planned on reviewing this game before some months ago but I didn't have the time to do it so I found it today. Today's game is V8, a physics puzzle game made by Daniel567, a undiscovered master of Physics Puzzle Game Maker which slept and stood inactive for some weeks. This game entertained me a lot and got addicted to it. I've tried to beat this game more than 10 times, but my lucky tries were the first and the last one. I'm not in a good shape this days but I try my best to beat games. Without boring you, shall we start with the review?

Game: V8

Maker: Daniel567

Creator: Physics Puzzle Game Maker

Release Date: April 6th, 2013

Genre: Action, Adventure


Firstly, I want to introduce you with Daniel567, my neighbor. :) I actually got very happy when I saw his game on the Feature list, because he got very inactive nowdays and started to "hate" Sploder a little. Lately he started to make animes and art games, which are very good. I think he would get an award for making the best art games on the Forums because he is very good at drawing objects, graphics and animes. That's just my opinion though. He got very unknown even he had published some good games but I hope the feature will help him to get his popularity back. I also hope he will start to make games again, for the sake of old times. xD


A war started between two planets and two species which God made himself. Nava and Nuva, planets which were in peace and also their species, Purpletons and Bluetons. Purpletons were jealous for the powerful crystal that was created by Bluetons and the war began. To protect their planet Bluetons sent the crystal to Earth. This is when the war began... A short story but meaningful. The difficulty of the game change depending on what's the actual story of that moment. If I could give it a rate, the first levels start from 3/10 and ends up with 9/10. It is probably one of the hardest Physics Puzzle Games I have played on Sploder.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

The player, is a chosen one, from the Bluetons. He fights against Purpletons which are looking for the crystal. I expected more enemies because the story level said it was a war and in my head war has thousand of Soldiers and enemies but this war, it only had less than 10. :P Really, the game needs some enemies and less lethal tiles. There are 2 boss battles which makes the game long and hard.


I haven't checked the project already after it got published, because I helped Daniel with some little things, but I think the controls are very bad. Player movement is very fast and changes each level. The physic puzzle creator has a glitch, which made be keep 2 games private only because of that. If you have chosen the Motion Resistance and the player or something else is Cloudy and touches something with the same sensor, the player gets 3x faster, as my calculation. There are different ways to fix this, but it takes a long time. I hope Dan will learn how to fix them on his upcoming games.


Daniel is very talented at making graphics, especially the Platform's like cars, robots etc. His graphics are very unique and special from others from what I have seen and I noticed he has used most of them in V8. Sometimes he only used the drawing tool to make objects and put them the default graphics from the Physics Puzzle Game Maker. Some places felt empty and I think it would be very nice if they consisted graphics like trees, grass or something else to have a fully-decorated games.

Level Design/Scenery:

Dan is very creative, but his ideas are very darkly and he is not able to show and make them in the creator. It's the same for me especially when I start to make the game. The level design changed a lot each level, but the most interesting was level 2 (including the intro) which had the most of the puzzles and a big arena to move. However, my favorite level design is the SmashHead minigame level, which reminds me Jak 2's minigame and also a Nintendo game. It was created really nice and I felt nostalgia while playing it.


To tell the truth, I expected a mind-blowing puzzle from this game because level 2 (including the intro) was puzzling so I thought further must be more puzzling. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There was no new puzzles in the game but just some repetitive and old puzzles made by others. Even though they were not new for me, they were put nicely and I like their placement.


It seems the only glitch in the game is level 7. It appears that sometimes you die doing nothing and sometimes it doesn't happen. I don't know if this is a glitch or just my computer (yes, some creators are very glitchy on my computer). In addition, the music is quite well chosen. I remember 1 year ago, me and Dan (Xhoi) used to sing Sploder songs nearby my house. We both think the same about the music in the games. Music is important, it gives you different feelings while playing which Dan did it.

The rating for the game:

Gameplay: 4/5 Controls ruins the game, seriously.

Controls: 2/5 :/

Level Design/Scenery: 4/5 Some levels were sloppy and some levels were excellent. That was great anyway.

Puzzles: 3/5 The game needs more puzzles and maybe some new for the Physics Puzzle Games.

Glitches/Music 4.5/5 I would congratulate on this. :D

Difficulty: 3.5/5 (It doesn't affect the final rating)

Addictiveness and Creativity: 3.5/5 :)

FINAL RATING: 3.5/5. Well, better than nothing, eh?

G1’s Final Thoughts:

I got really surprised when Daniel published this game. All the graphics, level designs and the story amazed me and looked different from his others games. The game was feature-worthy because of the unique ideas created from the puzzles and story. I hope he will continue with this steps and I wish him good luck with his upcoming Physic Puzzle Game, not telling the name of the game, we want to keep it secret for now. :)

So, this was my review of V8. If you want to learn more about me or Daniel567, just visit our profiles for some awesome games, collections and chat with us if you want to.

Ce ya...


V8 Reviewed by gerald123 on Wednesday, November 27th 2013. War Has Began! - Review #6 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'V8' by daniel567. Rating: 3