Varanus Komodoensis - Review #8

Review by gerald123 on Sunday, December 22nd 2013
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Komodo is a game created by yugioh77

If you read the title, it's probably not me, it's the power of Copy and Pasting from Wikipedia. ;)

Wassup ladies and gentleman. It has been almost 3 weeks since my last review, and Christmas are coming. "Why the hell I don't write some reviews for the members before the New Year?" I thought. Well, here I am, wasting some other minutes or hours writing this review of a 2012 Platform game called Komodo by Yugioh77. I've planned on reviewing this game 11 months ago, but I wasn't a reviewer already. Today, I own the powers and I will use them. Mwhahhahaah. This is my first Platform review and I hope to be the best I've wrote so far. Without further do, let's start.

Game: Komodo

Maker: Yugioh77

Creator: Platform Creator

Release Date: May 17th, 2012


It's weird I never played any other game from Komodo, never talked to Yugioh77 besides conversations for his games and never thought about reviewing one of them. The time comes... Yugioh is one of the guys who are talented at making different puzzles in different games. It doesn't matter if it is long or short, he tries to show his best ideas in the games. The appealing thumbnail really got me interesting and made me think about Minecraft because of the mixtures of the tiles. The difficulty of this game is not as much as I've expected to be honest, because I was not a gamer months ago and still beaten the game with a nice score. It's probably for any member to play in my opinion so it's not an Annoying Long Puzzling Hard Game.


So, first off I decided to review this game only because of the addictiveness this game created on me. This is an "old generation" game, not old enough to get forgotten in the Sploder Graves (actually would like to have this on Sploder). Old, but Gold. However, Komodo is not cool as the games now in making because it has been a long time since Komodo got published and also the new features of Platform weren't on 2012. Furthermore, the game is not puzzling as today's games but it is fun finding how to solve them and moving around the level. The rating of the difficulty is 3 from 10, which means that it is an easy game. There are a lot of hazards, enemies and liquids which can instakill you, but you can survive and avoid them easily.

Level Design/Scenery:

The level design was very attractive for me, because I had a game before a year ago which almost the same as Komodo, and it reminds my game a lot. I've played the game twice, one time to beat it and one time to look at the background, objects and level design. Well, for the 2012, the level design is pretty well and it can't bores you with stupid appearing glitches or bad appealing. But, I got raged sometimes at the shooting enemies, which pushes you to different lethal objects. Some of the tiles and enemies were put in some annoying places. Actually, I didn't see any background object or something to make the game a bit more enjoyable. To sum up, level design and scenery were decent, just needed a little work in decorations.


The main puzzle used in this game is how to get to the Escape Pod, but before that, you need to find all the weapons required to destroy walls and stuffs to get to there. The teleporting is also a puzzle, because you need to be attentive to the place where the teleport sends you. There is no new puzzle which I haven't seen it before but it was kinda boring to find all the weapons located at different places just to press a switch or just open a path. Anyway, the game is good even because all of them are effectively.


I may say there are a lot of power-ups which you can find in Komodo, but you need them all as you got to replenish your health each time you get to a danger place and get the weapons to open a path or just help yourself at walking above the lava. In my opinion, the number of the power-ups and their placement was really nice. Never thought it would work so well.


Nope, didn't find any issue or something. The level design is perfect so you can't glitch out of the map or a glitch that you don't expect. The entire game seemed to work fine. The music is Asian Dance, and it excellent for this kind of game. It makes me feel like an Asian lol.

And finally, rating of Komodo:

Gameplay: 4/5

Level Design/Scenery: 3/5 Decent level design, needs more decorations.

Puzzles: 3/5 Repetitive but effectively.

Power-ups: 3/5 Too much weapons. :/

Glitches/Music: 5/5 A perfect five.

Addictiveness and Creativity: 4/5 That's why I decided to write this review, right?


G1’s Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed all the game and it never bored me. Yugioh77 created a fun Asian Platform puzzle game, which deserves its feature. ^_^ For 2012, it might be a great game but if you look now, it looks like eh. But it's above average anyway, that's important. I suggest you playing this game as it reminds you some of the puzzles people used to create.

So, that's all for today, I mean tonight. God, it's late here. It's been hours since I saw the clock for the last time. As always, I will see you, in the next review. Bye bye.


Komodo Reviewed by gerald123 on Sunday, December 22nd 2013. Varanus Komodoensis - Review #8 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Komodo' by yugioh77. Rating: 3