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Review by gerald123 on Thursday, March 13th 2014
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Puzzle Box is a game created by mat7772

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my 11th review, my 2nd review of a Platform game. More than two months since the last review and I want to say that I missed this work. The reason why it passed so long to write a new review is that I have been very busy in various school projects, working on my upcoming games and playing some which are published day after day. Thanks to Milking, I have been suggested for Editor and I passed the voting. Now, I have to write my Editor Application to get this job to check for people who want to provide innovation in Sploder, long adventure games and good quality games. Today I have found a game by Mat7772 which I decided to make a review of it after I beaten the game. I saved Puzzle Box for my Editor Application as it didnít get a feature or review and it got potential. Shall we start?

Game: Puzzle Box

Maker: Mat7772

Creator: Platform

Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: February 9th, 2014

About the maker:

Before moving to the review, I wanted to talk briefly about Mat7772ís talent, famous for 4 years with his fantastic ideas, long adventure games and enjoyable games. Matty brings innovation to every game that he publishes, thinking about the game before he starts to work on it. I'm his friend and I noticed that he likes to play some of my games. This shows that his tastes are similar with mine. Actually, Matty is the man that made me famous featuring my games.


It is so weird that I'm not very good at games that should solve different puzzles and find way to cooperate with surrounding objects to get to the next level. And I played the game for more than 20 minutes (counting retries) trying to find a solution to level 9. Finally, on a beautiful sunny day, I beaten the game and I was happy for it. xP I've played this game over 5 times so I will be as precise in my judgment of the game. JJS made me curious with the poster he created for Puzzle Box. I did not played it due to the short time that I had when I saw the poster, but then I went to Mat7772ís profile to play the game. The thumbnail was different from what I imagined. I thought it would be a big box of tiles created around the player. Anyway, the thumbnail gives us a vision of the game without playing it. It is not as appealing as other games Matty and all the members made, but it is not that bad. To talk about the difficulty of this game, honestly, this game was not as difficult as I expected, but I should have thought before acting on later levels. I probably could have retried the game many times, but I've done it for other purposes that would serve me to write this review. I suggest this game for players who know most of the puzzles, how to solve them and how to easily avoid killing yourself while pressing switches.

The game is simple, I must say. You are pressed with the task of solving puzzles in each level and giving it an end until you reach the final puzzle. The game plays with you, and you have to play with the game too. Hints are everywhere in levels and I donít know why Matty gives them, as it is supposed to be a puzzle game where you have to solve them without any help. Maybe he tried to bring the player until the end where he fights the robot by using hints to show the way to the player. Anyway, you will not have any hints until you reach a certain level, enough to be prepared for the hard puzzles. The easiest way to solve these puzzles is using the radar. Puzzle Box is kind of the same as Achromantic by Charismatic, using the radar to help find the path, but it wonít help that much where there are a lot of objects and decorations which mess up the radar. I think Matty would make us of graphics in the game, as the Platform creator is now updated. Now, the level design isnít that great as I imagined, but it is good enough to have a great game. I honestly donít like the first level design. It just makes me feel different from all the other levels. In addition, the placement of some switches are annoying in my opinion, as they would not allow me to jump where I want or where I am supposed to go. Anyway, the block placement is well done. I think putting lights might be helpful in the first levels, because it is really dark, even the torch is useless.

I must appreciate Matty for level 5 if Iím not mistaken, reaching the top using switches both sides of the area. I spent a lot of time understanding how to do it, but itís easy to play and hard to make. There is no enemy in the game except the Boss battle which is the robot, the reason why you are going through this game. I must mention and describe the Boss battle. You simply have to search for something that kills the robot, otherwise he will be the one alive. If you havenít lost any lives until you reach the Boss, you will be safe. Using a crate to push the robot to a lava pit will open the path to the door. I liked this killing strategy. Power ups are a bit overused, but itís good that Matty added a lot of gloves. He thought about elementary players which hold Shift button for hours. xP I tried to glitch out of the map or do something just to find glitches but I found nothing.

The ratings ladies and gentleman:

Scenery: 2/5

Puzzle/Traps: 4/5

Placement/Level design: 3/5

Thumbnail: 2/5

Glitches: 5/5

Addictiveness: 3.5/5

OVERALL: 3.5/5

Do I have to say this is a good game? Definitely yes. Iím not saying it was fantastic and mind-blowing, but pretty sure this can be a Puzzle Pack of Platform creator. Improvements? Better background, better switch placement and maybe some more action. Who knows, James Bond might play the game after that. In overall, the game is good but not great. Great choices of puzzles, decent execution and fun puzzles. Well done, Matty.


Puzzle Box Reviewed by gerald123 on Thursday, March 13th 2014. [Editor App][ASG, PredatorGames] Puzzle Pack - Review #11 - A game review written by gerald123 for the game 'Puzzle Box' by mat7772. Rating: 3