3000 veiws Celerbration

By glow001 :: Tuesday August 2nd, 2016


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After 7 months of being on sploder I have relesed my 3000 veiws! This is amazing! To celerbrate I have made a story of Operation Blackout! In this story Glow001 is hosting a party for his 3000 veiws, but the evil glow001 and dcxd want to stop him, so they capture the good glow001! The others soon captuere the evil glow001 now all they need is dcxd. (THE CAST) Blue glow001 - (Hero), Green glow001 - (Villian), Dcxd - (Villian), The rest is all good. Any one who also gets in the top 5 will get an award On May 2nd!


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