Rolling Around At The Speed Of Sound!

Review by gnashtynas on Monday, November 11th 2013
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Sonic Genesis is a game created by juniortennis7

Got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow! Can’t stick around have to keep moving-oh it isn’t Sonic Adventure? What a shame…anywho, hello to all, GnashtyNaS here for review number two! I shall be injecting your mind with my opinion on Sonic Genesis, a 2D PPG Platformer by juniortennis7. Before we get underway I want to mention that this user has never had a featured game, and isn’t especially popular as a game creator. With that out of the way let us move on to today’s main event!

A title with proper capitalization, a pretty thumbnail, and it is about Sonic, I was excited when I saw this game, which is currently juniortennis7’s most played game. The game begins with a lovely little game-tailored title screen, which I prefer over the intros users make tailored to themselves as creators. This goes on for 10 seconds though…kind of a bummer, and you have to take out your umbrella to fend off the rain-clouds immediately. After this you get a level with very little substance, however, the graphics are phenomenal. Every level in this game is homage to environments of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, so if you’re a Sonic fan then be excited, because a great job is done here with accurately re-creating those classic zones…for the first two levels.

The goal in each level is to get all the rings, they’re not just good for you like they are in official Sonic games, they are the object of all your affection. Now this works well, however the controls feel very sloppy. Sonic is simply too lightweight and is difficult to control precisely. Thankfully, the game saves itself slightly by not requiring extremely precise movement too often; however it would have been more interesting if it did (whilst having good controls).

This game gives itself another blessing by its concept of all the different zones. Because of this, every time the level changes the gameplay changes slightly as obstacles, enemies, and platforms are switched out for new things every level, keeping things fresh and fairly fun throughout the entirety of the game. As I stated, the first two levels of gameplay are very good on the visual side, and the second level is probably the best level of the game in all regards…which is a shame. After this, the visuals take a drop. The detail is lazy and the visual expectations set by the beginning of the game are cause for disappointment throughout the remainder of the game. The bar they set couldn’t be reached by the other levels even if they stood as tall as Robert Wadlow.

The game also fails to prevent a solid challenge whatsoever throughout the whole thing. This makes it less engaging, and makes the gameplay a bit of a mixed bag. In fact, the second level of actual gameplay is probably the hardest level in the game as well, the only thing that makes up for this is that level 8, the second to last level in the game, is possibly harder. But neither one is very difficult.

So, now you’re wondering, what about the last level? Well wonderful audience, the last level is a mediocre final boss that isn’t challenging or visually appealing. There you go. So, to revisit the visuals ordeal of this game, the first three levels are sweet, including two levels of actual gameplay. However everything after that not only lacks detail but is also not very similar to the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Also I feel I should mention this game mentions nothing about a story; however you can’t assume that it is the same story as the original game it is based off of. As in that game, you were trying to save animals for the most part. No animal saving is done in this game, a shame isn’t it?

The Wrap-Up

This game is composed of slightly sub-par controls with good variety that makes it kind of like a chocolate gone slightly bad. The visuals are hardly worth mentioning after the first three levels besides the nice Sonic sprite, which may not be made by juniortennis7, but nonetheless is present in the game for your enjoyment. It has got a mediocre final boss in the most dull looking level of the game, and fails to conclude well in that regard. So, the hook was there in this game…but the line and sinker? I don’t know about that…and I also don’t know if I can manipulate that idiom like that…oh who gives a rat’s rump? Not me!

Rating: 27.298/100

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Feature Worthy: No, it lacks in too many categories.

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Sonic Genesis Reviewed by gnashtynas on Monday, November 11th 2013. Rolling Around At The Speed Of Sound! - A game review written by gnashtynas for the game 'Sonic Genesis' by juniortennis7. Rating: 1.5