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Review by gnashtynas on Saturday, January 31st 2015
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Bee Hive is a game created by thebluesun

You know, I cannot always think up some creative title that isn't completely forced. So, welcome to a review of Bee Hive. This is another late night review, the time of writing for me right now is exactly 11:14 pm, sometimes you just get that itch, you know? Anyways, I am now on my 12th (edit: 11th, hehe) review, and if you are an avid reader of mine, you know that I use this crazy formula to rate my games extremely specifically. Well, I determined a long time ago that that formula was a bit flawed, so I completely overhauled it. So this game will be the first to be rated with the new formulas, and all the other games I have reviewed will get their rating re-calculated eventually as well. I have put the new formulas in the forums for the public to enjoy, along with a few other resources, so definitely check that out if you are interested in reviewing. The link will be where the formula link usually is, near the end of the review. Now let us commence the review.

I must say that I have become quite a fan of thebluesun lately, just by exploring his catalog of games. They are quite entertaining, really, so I strongly recommend checking this user out. He has never had a feature, but he is a mod, and seems to be mildly successful. So good for thebluesun, the world smiles upon you, as the beautiful sun does upon us.

Yikes, I am mighty bad at getting this review onto the important topic. So how about I stop "pollen", oh...haha, excuse me, how about I stop STALLIN', and get to this review! Bee Hive is a simple PPG that is effectively an overhead platformer. The concept is simple, and so are the controls. In each level, you are tasked with retrieving all of the flowers and getting to your hive. It should be noted though, that you can go to your hive and get the point for it whenever you please, and you do not have to collect all of the flowers first. This was nice (albeit it was not intended to be this way) because it provided freedom on levels where you might prefer a path that takes you to the hive before you get all of the flowers, as each level is timed and players play differently. Besides time, the only other thing you have to worry about in this game are all of the thorned branches of death which line, dot, circle, and surround each stage in this game.

The level design is fair, nothing creative, however it isn't inherently flawed at any point, and the game also presented a fair challenge which followed an optimal difficulty curve. The graphics chosen for the game are simple and quite sparse, but they look nice enough, and certainly get the job done. All in all, there is nectar nothing to co-oh...hehe...there is NEXT TO nothing to complain about in this game. It is nearly flawless, that isn't to say that it is a revolutionary and ground-breaking game, but it is really as perfectly average as a game can get. The only two complaints I have would be the floaty controls, as in the bee has momentum and cannot just stop on a dime, are not really my favorite style of controls. But, they make sense given that you are a flying bee, and the game would be far too easy if it wasn't for the controls, which really aren't unfair or clunky, just not my preference. My second complaint would be that the description of the game is incredibly erroneous and awkward to read. This complaint though is incredibly superficial and certainly not a detriment to what the game offers.

I suppose a third complaint, and the most important of all, is quite simple. The game just isn't all that fun. Maybe play it once, and you'll be mildly amused most of the time. But quite honestly, I would rather be playing trampoline simulator version 2 by jed909. At least in that game I can bounce.

The Wrap-Up

Bee Hive is a PPG that offers nothing new, and nothing worth noting. It is flawless in its own right. But that is quite like saying a bowl is flawless. I mean, whoopdie flippin doo. It is a bowl. All it has to do is hold solids and liquids and be of dimensions which the owner prefers. Bee Hive is a bowl. Or, outside of the realm of that analogy, it is just a bone-dry over-head platformer. Is there a better name for that kind of game? I don't know, it doesn't matter really. All I know is that this game is perfectly mediocre and offers nothing creative whatsoever.

Rating: 52.753/100

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Worth Playing? No, it doesn't offer anything interesting or otherwise worth your time.

Feature Worthy? No, it is too boring and plain.

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This is the first game in thebluesun's most popular series, which believe me, he milked the cow out of. Ridiculous amount of these games on his page, but most of them aren't that bad, better than Bee Hive, anyways, as far as enjoyability goes.


Bee Hive Reviewed by gnashtynas on Saturday, January 31st 2015. A Review Of Bee Hive - A game review written by gnashtynas for the game 'Bee Hive' by thebluesun. Rating: 3