boss rush 8

By goldenemerl25 :: Saturday January 27th, 2018


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welcome to my boss rush 8 (which was publish on my birthday). here are the boss and their description. boss 1:PLANT DANCE. its attacks are similar to papaya dance [from gunstar heros]. has 50 hp. boss 2:METAL BOT. it has no attacks besides using its legs to attack and block you projectiles. weak spot is the circle thing. has 50 hp. ["doing the walk"]. boss 3:BEE BUZZER. its only attack is shooting 3 lasers and bee bombs. [bee bombs can be destroyed] also bee choppers will appear shooting lasers [chopper can be destroy] and pentagon honey meteorites will appear but they don't harm. [can be destroy] bee buzzer has 40 hp. boss 4: SQAURED SHADOW. appears in an out of the darkness. its only attacks is shooting black dark circles. and pink circles appear on the right [can be parried] has 9 hp. ["now you see me, now you don't"] boss 5:COMMANDER'S TANK(REMATCH). after his last battle. he decides to upgrade his tank. is attacks are shooting bullets bills now his new attacks are shooting red and blue bullets. [use blue bullets to hit the button. has 10 hp. (he hopes his new battle tank works) boss 6: SUN & MOON. ahh its noon. and its time to fight the sun and moon. the sun's attack is shooting 3 hot circles and shooting a sun beam. while the moon's attack is shooting homing stars and spawn one big star that shoots 5 mini stars. then explodes after a while. both have 5 hp. [hit them hard enough to break them]. (solar eclipse conformed] boss 7: LEMMY (REMATCH) his attacks are spawning ball and bombs. becarful about falling off the plane. has 60 hp. [watch out for that big rocket] boss 8: LIPS. its attacks are shooting red and green candys out of its mouth. red candy aim at you and green candy follows you. shoots a candy cane boomerang and shoots gum lasers. and falling chocolate falls. has 30 hp. [these lips like candy].


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