Trumps Trumptastic Adventure 2 RaD

By greendino1111 :: Wednesday July 19th, 2017


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__________________________________________ Dialog. Level 1: Trump: Uhhh where are we? Pence: I-I don't know... Guard 1: Hey you immigrates get back or we will shoot! Trump: IMMIGRATES? I'M DONALD FLIPPING TRUMP. Guard 2: The king said you're not aloud in America! So stay in Mexico. Pence: King? What are you talking about? Guard 1: King Kim Jong-un. Trump: I remember now! We were going to talk about a peace treaty. He must of knocked us out. Guard 2: Yeah you believe that. Anyways go back from where you came. Pence: What did he do to them? Trump: OH NO. Pence: WHAT? Trump: THE BOOK OF REALITY. Pence: What about it? Trump: He must of used it to make people think he was the king of America! We need to undo this mess. Our first step is to cross the border. __________________________________________ Dialog Level 2: Trump: Finally! We are out of Mexico. Pence: Where are we now? Trump: I think Arizona. Hey over there a airport! Pence: Why are the police blocking it? Officer 1: Sorry only rich people get to fly. Trump: I'm rich. Here have 100 dollars. Officer 2: We mean only rich and young people can fly. Trump: We need to sneak past them. Pence: No really? __________________________________________ Dialog Level 3: Trump: Well we made it. Pence: Now what? Trump: Looks like gate 3 is the best plane to go to. Pence: Well we better get going. __________________________________________ Dialog Level 4: Pence: So convenient we are the only people here. Trump: To convenient... I'm going to ask the pilots when we will get there. Pence: I wonder other food they have... Trump: MIKE THE PILOTS ARE GONE! Pence: What?! Trump: Quick take this parachute! Pence: What is going on?!? Trump: WE ARE GOING DOWN MIKE. Pence: I know that but where are we? Trump: Oh my god Mike we are over New York. NOW HURRY UP!! __________________________________________ Dialog Level 5: Pence: Dang that was one rare cab. Trump: I know right. Alright the front lawn. Let's do this. __________________________________________ Dialog Level 6: Pence Dang that was easy. Trump: I know right. Too easy... Pence turn off the cameras will you? Pence: Sure thing. __________________________________________ Dialog Level 7: Trump: Finally we got you Kim! Jong-un: Answer me this Donald, where is your wife? Trump: At home. WAIT WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? Jong-un: Nothing much, just trapped her in a rock tomb. Don't worry I gave a pickax. But I don't think she'll get out. Trump: I'M GOING TO GET YOU FAT LITTLE KID FOR WHAT YOU DID!!! {Made for EGD11}


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