By h0ldiit8ro :: Wednesday February 11th, 2015


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This is CyberManor, a game that took me about three days to put together, it's a big one level platformer that I've tried to make fairly open so that players have a chance to explore and do other missions, or you can just stick to the main ones. It's also an RPG to an extent that features missions and rewards. I spent a lot of time making this and I think it's easily my best game yet so please play, and explore and tell me what you think! As for the story, you play as an average joe called Timmy, you live in a Block of flats and guy called Colton is the head of you're block, you'll need to explore this Cyber Manor and play the missions in order to earn yourself some fame and fortune (there is a story in game that runs alongside the missions). But please, play and give me feedback I spent some time on this and I want to see if it was worth it. :P


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