5 CO

By happyjack882 :: Thursday April 15th, 2010


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One dark and stormy dawn.. Dusk still lie in the sky... And then you see a strange creature lurking around... And then the next day a man sets a school on fire!! Luckily everyone got out safely... And the police found who caused this catastrophe! The policeman asks, "Why did you do this?!" In a loud booming voice.. "You almost killed over 500 innocent children! What do you have to say for yourself?!" And the man replies, "I only have one word for you....." "FREAK" And then the man watches as his face turns upside-down! The man turns in to some strange creature and kills the man! Then it kills the other people at the county jail, infecting them, and turning them in to the strange creature too! Meanwhile a survivor from the disaster goes down to the junkyard to find some ssplode. He goes to the Abandon Junkyard, and finds a large building practically destroyed... He fixes it up in the next few days, finds a broken sign with a "5" on it, and another with "co" on it.. He puts them together, and makes.... 5-CO! Then a day later he discusses what 5-co is for, "In 5-co we will design an army to take care of monsters and other creatures." And then a week later, in the early morning, he goes to open 5-CO. But to his surprise, there are hundreds of mutants, and other creatures invading! It is up to you to defend 5-CO!


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