War of The Ninjas

By happyjack882 :: Wednesday September 16th, 2009


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"Wait, where am I?" you ask. "What is with all the strange objects surrounding me? Where am I??!!" Suddenly, a strange robot appears. "Hello. I am not here to hurt you, but here to explain." Says the strange little robo-wimp. "You joined the army, and have been sent to the past to accomplish a mission. Our time has been going strange lately.. So, we sent an army member to figure out what is going on. When we sent you we realized this: There was a portal in the time of the ninjas. So, we changed it from 1467, to 1848. And you were sent here. Do not worry, your journey will not be that easy. But it won't be hard either. We will send help as soon as we can, but while we are trying, you need to find these crystals in the ninja age. Each one controls a part of this portal we discovered. We need you to collect the crystals, and escape. We have an escape pod waiting for you near the crystals. Good luck!" And just as it was about to leave, it said, "Oh, remember this: Good luck. Wait, I already said that. Never mind then. Good-bye!" You watch it vanish. "I have to do this or our time will never be the same." You whisper to yourself. --Good luck! If you get stuck, just remember this: Good luck! XD Find out what happens next in the next game of my new series, "Battle Of The 10 Ages"


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