Rollercoaster. Under Maintance

By harryjamesuk :: Monday May 24th, 2010


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The Game Is Hard To Control! Instructions: Go Left Through The Gates (Up Arrow + Left Arrow ) Land On Blue Turntables And Do Nothing But Watch! If You Feel Like Running When You Are On The Pink Coaster, Stop When You See The Sign Saying " Drink Zanpo " And Take The Blue Key! Then Woosh Down The Turntables :) Enter The Teleport And Fall! Once You Have Fell You Can Run If You Wish :D When You Are At The Top You Will Be Teleported! Take The Jetpack And Follow The Jetpack Fuel Which Will Lead To Were You Get Shot Up But On The Right Which You Will Get Teleported To The Next Coaster From. PRESS C TO USE JETPACK. If You Want Keep Going Right Until You Cant Go Right Anymore Then Stop And Walk To Your Right Into The Teleport. Help! Im In Darkness! Use Your Right Arrow Key :) * PLEASE FOLLOW THE FUEL OR YOU WILL RUN OUT! *


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