mythamous:the sacred four

By hassanyusufmian :: Thursday February 1st, 2007


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mythamous is the son of the former ruler of the tiny principality of serious.with his step-uncle in charge now,he is held captive in the chipped diamond dungeon.the home to the sacred four magical,semi-precious stones of serel.mythamous is to be sacrificed at dawn and his blood is to be used to activate the stones as they are useless without royal touch(in any form) and his uncle knows best than to let mythamous live or,for that matter,let him use them for his pleasure.if a man knows how to use them means that he is royalty.the stones are needed to "qualify" his step-uncle for the serious throne infront of the public and "legalize" his FALSE claim to the throne. help mythamous escape from the dungeon by gathering the four stones.they are heavily guarded and lie on each of the four angles.there is a helping vizier(wingman) who is too loyal to leave the prince's side,near each stone and two of the stones can be gotten to using careful.


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