Hex Catz DEMO

By hexcatz :: Sunday June 23rd, 2013


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Story: Your Dad was a scientest who found a whole new world. It was horrible and hurt his mind. He call it Hell soon he found a pool of white water. He got the water and returned it to the science team. The team was so exited they gave him a whole village. Then there was another mayor who was mad so he used the white water as a drug to make his men more powerful there was a giant war. Soon your father had won and drove the evil army away. The army known as the Xeh Tacs hid and where never seen again. Then your father had Clone who went on a misson to dispose of the water... but he died in the progress. His father came to retrive him and he turned into a vampire. Then he had you and Little Red. Now as the day of the Red Sun has fallen. You search for your father, soon you find him bruised and weak. Upcoming update: Adds more puzzles and more detail.


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