Mario Kart Wii Friend Code. READ

By hjanetomeat :: Saturday November 19th, 2011


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I have a announcement to make; I am having a Mario Kart Wii Online Racing Tournament! If you are already my friend on Mario Kart, and you want to compeat, just leave a message on this game. If your NOT my friend, and you want to compeat; leave a message on this game telling me your friend code. Remember, only 12 can race! So enter today! It does not matter if your from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Chad, Sudan, Morocco, Botswanna, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanastan, Turkmenastan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Australia, or New Zealend. If your from any distant country and you want to compeat, just leave your friend code. I already have a friend from Sweden! So come on and join today! I wish you good luck! Hjanetomeat


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