Mongolia 2. The invasion continues

By hjanetomeat :: Sunday November 6th, 2011


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The Mongols continue to invade Mongolia. Wade thought it would be good for him him to find this "Patrick Sayain" and go into hiding so Cell can't find them. Wade pulled out his GPS so he could track Cell. Now he relized how smart it was to program Cell's DNA into a GPS system. It looked like Cell was in Mozambique, at least 10 to 20 thousand miles away. Plenty of time to find Patrick Sayain, go into hiding, and train. Then he checked Cell's power level. 188,234! When Cell first came to life his energy level was only 100. His energy has been raised 188 thousand more points! He needed to get to training fast! He must get to his pod. The pod is just located right by Mongolia Tunnel. But Mongols hevaliy guard it. Will Wade make it to his pod alive? Will Cell be able to stop Wade? Where is Patrick Sayain? Wade must find out!


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