Sploder Survivor.

By hjanetomeat :: Tuesday December 6th, 2011


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I have decided to start a gameshow on here. This is based on the tv gameshow; Survivor. You keep voting people out till only two are left and then people on the jury vote for the winner. In order to be on the jury, you have to get to the merge and get voted off to be on the jury. There are two tribes. Each having 10 people. I am looking for 18 people to sign up. You can be on Greatzgames' team or Starwarsfan316's tribe. Starwarsfan316 and Greatzgames get to decide what there tribe names are. You post them on my team. They can't be like Ospreys or Dahlgren, or Steelers. It has to be something like Upolu or Savaii. ( you can't use those names). Make it something unique. When I approve of it, you can await one of your tribe members. Also team captains have to make a group to discuss what games you will make to try to get immunity and your tribe lives to see another day. The loosing team has to decide who will be voted off. Try to make alliances. Also for the immunity challenge; I will pick a catagory. Then your tribe must discuss what type of game you will be doing. Then the team captains have to make the game. I will judge them and get back to you in a game telling you which group gets immunity. When the merge comes, everyone must make a game based on the catagory. I am hoping that this season will be over by Febuary of 2012. The winner will recieve 3 awards. Then the tribes must pick the sploder player of the season; meaning they did the biggest double cross, or blind side, or they were just plain nice. The winner of that will get 1 copper award. Also the winner of the entire game; will have the title "Soul Survivor". Now here is some good advice. When you merge, you should make alliances with whoever you think will take you all the way to the final 2. Well that is about it. Good luck to all! I will pick some people to join. But you can still sign up! I wish good luck to all! Hjanetomeat; host of Sploder Survivor.


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