The Old Tales Vengeance

By hyperionthehigh :: Friday March 31st, 2017


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In this dark and twisted tale, there was a knight in charge of guarding his people. His only objective was to guard them against the horrible things of the World. To use his power to guard against any foe that threaten the kingdom or the people. What he didn’t realize is that the horrible things of the World, could corrupt him. When engulfed by the darkness he turned on his people and slaughtered a village. Driven by grief by his horrible crime, he went into hiding and put his sword outside the door of his room, in his castle. Refusing to come out until he finds a way to forgive himself. There was one person that had escaped that slaughter of his village, a young man named Rodrick Philip, who went into hiding. While in hiding, he thought of a plan to destroy the Knight. He was going to take revenge and destroy the Knight that slaughtered his friends and family. He would need to go into his land, go into the castle, and slay the knight himself. He took his father’s old helmet, and went off to go slay any who got in his way of defeating the Knight.