By icyflames :: Monday April 23rd, 2012


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A terrorist organazation has landed on planet Utopia. They are called the Forbidden Biographical Terrorist Association or the FBTA. They are inhuman like, biographical beings who have come to destroy every planet they land on. Now they are after Utopia! But there is 1 team of fighters who can help save the Utopians: The NightHawk Association; a team of fighters who protect the people of Utopia from evil. Now they must rise the task of taking out the FBTA. 1 or 2 of the NightHawk members must break into the FBTA's Headquarters and find there main computer. Once they find the computer, they will download a virus onto the computer. Once the virus is downloaded, they will get the secret plans of FBTA. Then they can escape the Headquarters and blow up the FBTA Headquarters and blow the FBTA right off of Utopia! It may be a risky mission, but the NightHawk will do anything to protect Utopians, whatever the cost! Will the NightHawks be able to save Utopia? Or will they be chopped to there death by the horrifying and ruthless FBTA?

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