By ijam :: Saturday January 12th, 2019


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Perhaps I should explain myself. Yes, this is unfinished. I was working on it, but this proved much more challenging then the other 3 tide games. Even the Foxy Simulator's was easier to figure out then this. It took way to long to get the platforms to disappear, and to recode it for each level, I eventually lost interest in making it. Maybe I'll return to it, but I highly doubt it since Sploder is apparently ending in 2020 thanks to Flash ending it's support. On the plus side, I'm trying to make a fleshed out Burning Tide game on a different game maker that I don't remember the name of.... but once I figure out how to make the tide move up and down you might see it on Android and (possibly) ioS devices in the slightly distant future. TL;dr: Sploder is ending, and this game is unfinished. - Whatever. So, onto the game. Keeping with the theme of the other tide games where they add different elements of gameplay each time, this one has platforms that gradually disappear over time when they are left in the tide for too long. Logically, the burning tide should have down the same thing, but if you know us game developers, we don't follow logic ;) can you survive these three short but slightly challenging levels? Can you make it onto the leaderboard? Will anyone even care that I published this, or am is this account dead just like this site is (unfortunately)? Is there a limit to the amount of text in a description? Find out right now!


Tags: tide dont blink

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