One Way Circuit

By ijam :: Sunday May 22nd, 2016


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See what people are saying about this game! "whoa, that's actually really good! I like it :D" - textlabel. - - - "You have made something really cool, it's not the most creative (reminds Flappy Bird a little bit) but making a long object with different shapes makes a revolutionizing using of the PPG's options, I like how the levels are addicting by their difficulty and different from each other, though I wish there were more levels in this game, great job Ijam!" - makever. Breaking the laws of Sploder, IJAM presents One Way Circuit, a simple game that makes you guide a harmless green circle past deadly red lines. The twist? The red lines not only have huge bumps and other worse things in them, but they also continue past the boundaries Sploder provides! Includes the trademark (not really trademarked) spotlight level that has appeared in past IJAM games that will leave you in the dark! Batteries not required.


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