IKEAGAMES the sword of truth pt2

By ikeagames12 :: Monday May 5th, 2014


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SWORD 0F TRUTH PT2 trollingface, you didnt want to be weak :) look at ya now!!!. enbark and battle in the newest series offffff THE SWORD OF TRUTH! play as the new member and fight.... members AS THEY TERRORIZE THE TOWN OF SPLODER!!!!!!!. NEW!: followers (certain people who follow you for certain quests) LAZORS (in battle, if your follower is trollingface. he can shoot lazors at some enemys) THINKING OF ADDING!: different playable charectors (play as someone else in the game :) UPGRADES! (through out the game you can get powerups for you followers, i will add tripple beams shooting through trollingfaces lazor


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