Dawn Full and Final Demo

By imperialjacob203 :: Sunday October 12th, 2014


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"I am sir." - You (nicknamed/called blockhead) Dawns demo is finally complete! This will probably take a long time seeing that it took me a while just to finish the demos. This demo shows you the classes you will be able to choose in the full version, the items and perks they have, and what color key they get! The full game will also have many different overworlds and secrets hidden in it. This demo also holds not one, but TWO very fun sidequests to play! The first is capture the criminal who is residing in the JN Tavern and scaring away the customers, and escorting Pierce to his room which is optional. All the sidequests will have rewards, so you should try to find them all! There will also be multiple playable characters in the full version, and there will be various class changes, class promotions, and skills gained! There will also be shops to buy replacement weapons if one is broken, or replacement armor, if your class has armor, that replaces broken one! There are also going to be many secrets in this game, and I will give you a hint to one of them: There is a hidden class somewhere within the game! Good luck finding the secret class in the full version! Have fun with the demo! Thank you for playing!


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