Sploder Adventure 4

By imperialjacob203 :: Thursday November 1st, 2012


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The newest installment to the Sploder Adventure saga is here bringing back the hottest online 2d platformer since super mario. This game comes just days after the party at the credits on sploder adventure 3. This time,the thing is the day after the celebration,an uncaptured rebel frees the captured rebellion and when Sploder Army gets word they head to the prison upon seein Carsen being knocked out with a mace.While Carsen is out a battle occurs.When the general knows they can‛t win he orders everyone into the hangar he grabs Carsen and locks the hangar. The next few days the armada plans and when Carsen wakes up he is in the airship USS Sploder. This time the ship is likely gonna e in every level. You can get power-suits and upgraded guns with ammunition and buy medical kits from the medic. The level portal is in the ship so you have to get the crystal and the ship! This will be the best Sploder Adveture yet!


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