Sploder Adventure

By imperialjacob203 :: Saturday December 21st, 2013


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You start on planet Earth in the city of Sploder.Suddenly when you find out that robots are attacking in a giant space base,you launch yourself up to the space base to save the Earth.During your adventure you will meet about 11 other troopers and allies.You have to save some of them from the Giant robot mechs.Finally after beating the final 2 mechs you open the door to the escape pods were you find out the ship has been detonated and is about to blow up!once you escape you are welcomed by the sargeant (meant to make him colonel)and the rest of the soldiers that arrived from the pods of the ship!And then you are allowed to do whatever until you feel like you want to end the game and retrieve the crystal and leave.Sploder Adventure 2 is coming out soon!


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