Indiana Jones and the Raging Spirit

By indianajones30 :: Friday December 29th, 2017


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Hey, everyone! This is my first finished game in a few months, and I hope you enjoy it! INDIANA JONES AND THE RAGING SPIRIT takes place in November 1941, as World War II began to heat up. You play as Indiana Jones and attempt to collect multiple jewels before the Nazis do to discover the "Soul-Crusher of Ramses" an ancient Egyptian artifact. At the same time, forces of good and evil clash to create an epic, globe-trotting adventure Notes: The whip isn't super long-range, unfortunately. However, it is deadly effective, especially with certain enemies. Combat is pretty fun, allowing you to use tons of weapons, real or improvised. -After you play (or before) read the plot. It's spoiler heavy, though, so be mindful of that. PLOT: In 1941, Indiana Jones enters the Brazilian jungle to find a temple dating from the Pre-Columbian era. He narrowly escapes with his life, stealing four jewels from extremely angry natives. Afterwards, he is called to Bhutan on an archaeological expedition. During this time, he is approached by a Soviet agent only identifying himself as Illya. After a brutal gunfight where Indy dispatches six Nazis, the two team up, going to Egypt to stop the Nazis from retrieving more jewels to activate the Soul-Crusher. In Egypt, Indy hijacks a Nazi convoy and does battle with them in Cairo, but is then confronted by Jack Korvac, an American agent broadcasting radio transmissions from a robotic owl. Korvac tells Indy that Illya is actually a Nazi, and that he has been misleading him the whole time. Indy, shocked, accompanies Korvac (broadcasting from owl-radio) to a Nazi zeppelin, where Indy brawls dozens of Nazis before being trapped by Illya, who reveals his evil nature. The adventure ends with Illya opening the Soul Crusher and being brutally destroyed by the monsters released, with Indy barely escaping with his life before boarding an actual Soviet plane and flying to an oasis, where he destroys the final two jewels.


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