Rewarding Mediocracy..?

Review by jackjoshseb on Saturday, March 10th 2012
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Final. is a game created by jfurey14

Final, practically Jfurey14's comeback game was Featured, and then Unfeatured. I played this game a while ago, time to Review it now. Jfurey is in the top 10 or so for most Features, I found this game a little bit of a let down.

Hello there. 18th Review today and as you've most likely realised it'll be on Final by Jfurey14. Jfurey14 is well known around Sploder and recently has been drifting in and out of inactivity and recently, released a new game. My expectations are pretty high seeing as Jfurey14 sits 8th on the all time Most Featured list with 22. I've played many Shooters and a few Platformers from him previously and they were quite enjoyable. The thumbnail isn't exciting nor terrible, just setting the tone, looks like multiple paths to take however what disappointed me was the lack of scenery. Hopefully it'd improve as I played the game. Furey supplied no such storyline so gathering any more background information can't be done, so without further ado, let's move on to the Review.


The gameplay was pretty dull and lacked sufficient enjoyment and by Furey's standards it was a largely disappointing outcome. There were some small pros about this of the game which included a fast paced style with no lag at all, a small-ish game. I was often bored with the gameplay and I seriously thinks it needs some refining. It was lacking with challenge and the game was a little easy losing my attention on numerous occasions. Hoping for something to change ny opinion I progress farther into Final.. still unsuccessful.

If the gameplay was bad, the scenery was even worse. Jfurey used the most dull and regular looking tile there is, involving no imagination whatsoever and it began to diagnose me with traces of boredom. Sigh. There were no walls included which I hate, and when games like that turn out good usually there's some lighting effects to go with it... this had the default light setting and barely and obstacles or objects to provide a pop to the dull sceneric design. At the very least Jfurey14 selected a background, THANK GOD. It included some ragged mountain ranges although with no storyline and an extremely basic title I struggle to find what it has to do with the game.

The Placement seemed one of the few upsides so far, with some very intelligently placed enemies constructed to annoy and defeat. There were some areas of real good action but the enemies were spaced out a little too much leaving areas of running with nothing to fight. There was a small amount of health but in my opinion placed a little prematurely and a bit too much. Another thing with the enemy placement... a ninja in water? Give me a break, they cause little to no damage under water and didn't involve much challenge. The overall block placement was nice, not the greatest but it was enough to grab hold of my interest. Jfurey14 hit the nail with this one with well constructed paths, hallways and ledges.

Should I even bother? Jfurey14 seems to be a game creator in favour of action before puzzles and it really showed in Final. No serious puzzles were encountered leaving a gap in the game's needed brainwork making majority a walkthrough and too easy. Without sufficient puzzles to grab my attention I found my self continuously hoping but not recieveing anything. There was a slight improvement in the traps department, notice I said slight. Despite that the traps only once in a while caught me unexpectedly which was an aspect needing improvement. Most of the time the traps subtracted little health or none at all and mostly only took up some time.

Final lacked challenge to keep me interested. The enemy placement was good, but not good enough to make me struggle for health and go looking desperately for some. I felt no sense of urgency leaving the challenging aspect at an all time low or one of Jfurey's games. There isn't much to base my opinion on creativity on seeing as there weren't ANY new puzzles, traps, storyline.. nothing.

What is a game without fun? Nothing really, that's what I thought on this game, it lacked sufficient challenge to keep me interested and most importantly addicted. Enjoyment was lacking as the gameplay was extremely bland and dull to play. I didn't enjoy too much of the game and I was more often then not disinterested at the lack of scenery, my eyes drifting from the screen, to the adverts and doing things in seperate tabs to keep me occupied and not dying of boredom. Sorry Jay, just how I see things.





Some Gameplay






Final Scores

Gameplay - 1.5/5

Failed to interest me to a large extent. No lag was one of very few upsides in this area of the game.

Scenery - 0.5/5

Nothing popped, nothing gripped my attention with the usage of such a basic tile, a dull background and no walls. Ew.

Placement - 4/5

By far the best thing about this extremely disappointing game. Enemies were placed well, the block placement seemed good but I wasn't too sure about a ninja placed in water and a slightly premature placement of health.

Puzzles & Traps - 2/5

Puzzles... not really any there. Final contained a few traps that I encountered but many failed to surprise, take away health. All they really did was buy some time away from me.

Challenge & Creativity - 1.5/5

Boring, boring. Final lacked challenge and with few elements, I can't really judge the creativity correctly.

Enjoyment & Addictiveness - 2/5

I wasn't largely addicted, to a small degree I wanted to continue to see if there was anything that would change my point of view, but I was continuously disappointed and bored with it.

Total: 1.8/5

Feature Worthy?

Final was featured, then unfeatured. A few times actually by my understanding. I'm not sure who featured it at first but I seriously disagree, I only found one pro about Final which was the Placement, and even that had a few things to raise my eyebrows. The game contained traces of action but no puzzles, traps were lacking and nothing to make me enjoy the game more then a small degree.. obviously I don't find the game Feature Worthy as it'd be rewarding mediocracy.

Apologies to Jfurey14, this is my honest opinion and everyone's will vary


Final. Reviewed by jackjoshseb on Saturday, March 10th 2012. Rewarding Mediocracy..? - A game review written by jackjoshseb for the game 'Final.' by jfurey14. Rating: 5