A Prehistoric Puzzler - Fossil By Epiphone

Review by jackjoshseb on Monday, December 9th 2013
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Fossil is a game created by epiphone

Hey all,

JJS back again, it's been a while, but I'm here to bring to you my 43rd review, on one of my favourite games (Which is about 18 months old) but anyway, it's a good game nonetheless and I've been wanting to review it for a while.

This game was made within Epiphone's first week on Sploder, which is surprising, to me, how well he made this game and another, both earning features, in that short time period. A lot of people thought he was an alt because of this, but I was indifferent, I didn't care at all if he was. He was a pretty cool guy who left too quickly for my liking, I would've liked to play more games of his to be honest.


I'm going to start of the gameplay, which is super smooth, no lag at all (which is more rare on the PPG, making it all the more frustrating when there is lag), so that's a tick. The game was enjoyable and had a creative feel to it. You're a baby dinosaur trying to find it's way back to it's parents and you have to pass puzzles and fun gameplay to get there :)

The scenery was a little bizarre, I hadn't seen any scenery like it before, the way Epiphone layered and chose the texture of the background to make it seem 3D, made the flat screen of my laptop seem like it had multiple layers. Like a photograph, in a way. It added to the atmosphere of the game and it was pretty awesome, it looked fantastic, just another of multiple pros in this game.

(Another pro, was just because it's about dinosaurs. Who doesn't like dinosaurs??? :D)

The puzzles were nice, you needed strategy and timing to pass to the next stage, everything require a certain skill, i.e fall and move in the right direction at the right time, push this rock the correct distance, do this in the correct order etc, every level had multiple things for you to keep your eye out for which was good. The puzzles weren't overly difficult at all, they were set out simply and you were then made to set out and complete them correctly (which is harder then they look).

The level design was great, and the game really is quite short once you've mastered the levels and you can go through it quickly, it took me 1:50 to beat the game which makes it seem like a mini-game (though I can guarantee on your first try it won't be easy and it'll take you much longer). Some levels got a little competetive and more could've been done with the concept but for a member in his first few weeks when he made the game, that's all fine.


Gameplay: 5/5

Scenery: 5/5

Puzzles: 4/5

Design: 4/5

Creativity: 4/5

Overall: 88%

Feature Worthy

The game is easily feature worthy, I featured it myself last year and I stand by that. The game could've achieved more if more was done with the idea and concept, maybe a chance of a spot in the EGL. Definitely one of my favourite games and one of the few PPGs I enjoy.

I reccomend it to you for a bit of a challenge.