[PredatorGames] Yao Ming And Muggsy Bogues Spotted In This Review!

Review by jackjoshseb on Monday, February 3rd 2014
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Red Rock is a game created by defensified

Hey all,

JJS back again to bring to you my 44th review. Which is my first review for Predator Games Sponsorship which is the game sponsorship that I created on the forums. Defensified is one of my newer recruits and as promised for being a Predator member he'll be recieving a review on his game 'Red Rock'.

Defensified is one of the best game makers on Sploder in my opinion, games like Energy and Number 4 sit in the Epic Game Library and overall there's probably nothing he doesn't know about the shooter creator, I tested this game a couple of times and I was really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Needless to say, this game is just as good as his others.


Red Rock has some of the best gameplay I've seen in a shooter game, at first glance you will probably think it's no different to any other shooter, but with a strict time limit in a game where aspects like Stealth, Action and Speed are mixed together it's got a real unique feel to it. You'll probably notice this after you play the game... because, well, you're just to busy rushing about while you're playing it. The game was lagless which is always good.

You could kind of say that Red Rock has stealth elements thrown into the game, with straight away you starting off with minimal health and not enough time ti hang around shooting enmies from around corners like your typical stealth game play, you'll need to be stealthy while not wasting any time which was a but of a challenge for me personally.

With action thrown in, the amount of enemies and hazards placed in the game standing next to the minimal health you have for the whole game, is like seeing Muggsy Bogues attempting to reject Yao Ming, it's like almost impossible (unless Yao was asking Muggsy out on a dinner date, of course). So exactly that, you're going to need to make use of your surroundings and try to find advantages if you want to get through the game easily enough (which, uh, yeah, isn't an easy task). Using your weapons creatively will also help when fighting enemies.

The map design was pretty good, I liked that the game wasn't compressed into tight hallway action scenes etc where many average shooter makes go wrong (but then again Defensified isn't just an average shooter maker). There was always space to move and speed around and use the map space to your advantage when battling the other ships.

The game is challenging, if you play recklessly and don't try to conserve your health then you might as well switch off your life support now. I give a lot of credit to Defensified for making Red Rock as challenging as it was for me, I found it quite difficult to deal with the timer, the action and the minimal health the first few times I tried it which was good, I always like a challenge.

I only have a few things to say about the game and they're all positives really. I didn't really see anything completely groundbreaking or completely new that we haven't seen before which is what Defensified usually gives us (Energy, Number 4, etc) but the game didn't revolve around one concept which I liked, it's more of a relaxing shooter concept wise so I'd much rather replay this then go through the difficulty of Number 4 again. Definitely feature worthy.


Gameplay: 8/10

Timer/Stealth/Action Mix: 10/10

Difficulty: 9/10

Design: 8/10

Fun: 8/10


I'll see you all next time.


Red Rock Reviewed by jackjoshseb on Monday, February 3rd 2014. [PredatorGames] Yao Ming And Muggsy Bogues Spotted In This Review! - A game review written by jackjoshseb for the game 'Red Rock' by defensified. Rating: 4