Environmental Backlash 2

By jadecheckerd :: Sunday March 6th, 2016


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This game may contain some disturbing content. It is intended for a mature audience only, It is intended as a Teen Game and 13-up . 13 is the minimum age limit. May be for mature audiences. Please don't make complaints. If you can't handle the content then DO NOT PLAY. NOT FOR KIDS. Thank You, This game was not intended to offend anyone. Enjoy. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Plot: You are back in time starting on October 5, 2013, a while after the time you were sent to 2013. you wake up in an apartment building to the alarm of your Time Checking System. You go out to the portal that was opened to go to the year 2092 where things went wrong according to your Time Checking System. You must fight your way through this violent fury to see what has caused this distortion in time. (This is the sequel to Environmental Backlash, you are recommended to play that first)

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