(RLJ) Robots Are Slaves... Or Are They?

Review by jaggertoo on Monday, January 23rd 2012
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Pulse? is a game created by svsv

Hey guys! Welcome to Reviews like Jagger! This is our first review for the station, and it's going to be on Pulse by SVSV. I hope you enjoy!


Svsv was one of my first friends. When I applied for reviewer, I was meant to review one of his games, but sadly couldn't but far enough. Anyway, I was just scattering through some mof the stations, and then looked into mine. I remembered that I still had to review Pulse, and another game. So I decided to get to work on Pulse, seeing as it wouldn't let me review the other game. But it should be out soon enough. Anyway, onto the story now!


(Looks at story) (Reads story) (Gets on with review). Okay, that part was pointless. But whatever. Anyway, the story-line was alright, but short. As in, short. Well, it was alright. Lol, okay, it was adverage. Happy? Anyway, the story-line was something about Robots being slaves, and I think one robot was looking out for revenge. Well, I did find the story-line exciting. And it did mostly explain what the game was about. But, like I said in my last review. "It's not the story-line that counts, it's the game that counts" So... Yeah. Another pointless paragraph by me. Yey! Anyway, lets just get on with this.



While play Pulse, I kept forgetting which way to go. I always kept going the wrong way, and dying. Oh well... Just try and try again, I guess. Just try and try and you accomplish goals... Doubt it. As for that wasn't the case with Pulse. I kept getting stuck on the same bit, which was when you had to defeat a red key. (I think it was red). So I did get pretty far, and had fun failing afterwards. I'm good at failing, not like you care. Anyway, let us do Puzzles and traps now.

Puzzles and Traps

From where I got to, I never found any traps. Sadly. The puzzle I found was mostly which way to go, left, right, up, or down. I'm not so sure about these. I'm not sure if keys are puzzles, either. They're found in the puzzles area, so... Probably.


The scenery you ask, well you can splode it. Nah, joking. The scenery was pretty good, well made, that stuff. I guess you know what I'm on about, lol. I could see Svsv took time and care into the Scenery, only some looked a little rush. But it didn't spoil the game, thankfully. I enjoyed where many enemies were placed, as for they were in just the right spots. There was a lot of lag for me at the start, but it did slowly fade away into the darkness. (If you know what I mean). Most of the Scenery was colorful, and stood-out. Some did, some didn't. But who cares? Scenery's scenery, so we just got to deal with that.


I enjoyed many thy placement, from enemies, to many other things. Enemies were in mostly the right places, so you couldn't get past them. This, is good. That means there's no way to cheat in Pulse. ;) As for health placement, I never saw any health. So if I missed any just tell me Svsv (Clockwize). It'd be much appreciated, so I can say a few things about health placement. Now, onto Pros and Cons! Which I must admit, that is my favorite part of a review. So lets get on with it.

Pros: Decent Scenery, good placements, nice story-line.

Cons: No traps.

Action/Adventure: ___/_____
Gameplay: ____/_____
Story: ____/_____
Puzzles/Traps: ___/_____
Scenery: ___/_____
Overall: ____/_____


Pulse was one of the best robot games I've ever played. It had good, remarkable results. Plenty of pros, and not many cons. The big question is... Is Pulse feature worthy? Well, my answer, is yes! Pulse is feature worthy. It has many decent placement and much, much more! I hope to see more epic games like this from Svsv in the future. Now, this is the end of my review. So stop reading. Nub.

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Pulse? Reviewed by jaggertoo on Monday, January 23rd 2012. (RLJ) Robots Are Slaves... Or Are They? - A game review written by jaggertoo for the game 'Pulse?' by svsv. Rating: 4