Hit The Road Jack

By jakey101 :: Friday March 30th, 2012


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Your names Jack, and your best friend was drunk. It's was a Friday night, and you were out partying, but your friend got to carried away, he was saying things about the one's you loved and joking about your wife. You had also had too much drink, and were starting to lose your temper, 'Your wife is a dirty cow', was the last thing he said, you lost control and smashed your glass off he's head, he dropped to the ground and lay there, blood was pumping out of he's head wound. He was dead. you'd murdered your best friend. You turned and all you could think to do was run.... As you run through the dark night you can hear police cars and ambulances in the distance, you didn't know what to do. But then a voice. Your guilt was speaking to you. What was happening? You were confused... Lost, trapped inside your own thoughs... And then this...


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