Apology from Jaws952

By jaws952 :: Sunday December 21st, 2008


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This game has been created to apologise for my comments on some people's games. I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone, but I must take measures to answer these people's questions. The Foxy1: No, I do not enjoy hairy places. Thank you for asking though. Platyworldcom: No, I am not fat and do not eat poop. Also, I would like to know where this 'PlatyWorld' is. Thank you for your comment. Platypus: Again, thank you for you comment, but I am not fat. Maybe I could cut down on the chips, but I'm not fat yet. TheFuzzy1: Thank you for making it clear that you ARE a Sploder player and not a mutant teddy bear or some kind of furry gangster. However, I would like to point out that I am not a pervert, and never have been. Still, thanks for your comment. Mikenor: Your comment was by far my favourite. Thank you for the friend request and for making it clear that you Do enjoy watching robots die. Please, anyone else who feels unhappy with my comments, leave a note on this game stating that you want to see my die or think that I am 'Perverted'.


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