You Think These Games Are Fun?

By jeoffffff :: Thursday June 10th, 2010


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These games are pretty boring. You play for a couple of seconds and then get a highscore, but that's not a real game. Real games are games with action, puzzle and other elements in them. I know these games are fun to make and look at sometimes, but have you ever really enjoyed playing "Glass of Coke"? I haven't. I'm not saying don't ever make an art game ever in you life, I'm saying don't make them every game you make. It's okay to make them every once in a while but not so that every game on your account page is art. I guarantee you'll have a lot more fun playing a real game rather than an art game. Most of us have made art games, I have even made a few myself, and I'll even admit it was fun making this one, but when I played it I had absolute no fun at all.


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