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Review by jfurey14 on Saturday, July 30th 2011
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Mourning Morning is a game created by trialsboy

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Well, I've never heard of trialsboy, so I don't have much to expect. I'm hoping that this will be a great game, but hoping can be to much sometimes. Let's see what he/she brang to this game.


Well, the title says it all. This game is just basicially cliche because of all of the normal puzzles you'll see it a game, and is was WAY to easy. I would say that he coudl've layed off all of the power-ups, because this game was pretty easy imo. Well, actually, there weren't many powerups, but no enemies that worked. All of the ships didn't follow me, the cannons, were terrible, and the puzzles were way to easy. The placement was bad because of the enemies. The puzzle were placed in the right places, just they were cliche, which is never the right thing to hear in a review. Overall, I think that the only good part of this game was the mini storyline casted through the game, but it wasn't like funny, or the tip of your chair suspense. I wasn't that in love with it. I mean, I'm sure that he wanted it to make the game better, but it really didn't. The look was great, but that isn't a big factor in shooter games. Save that for the plats and physics trialsboy!

Well, since I've already explained to you how easy this game was, I'll show you a bit of the gameplay, since I beat the game twice. Well, to start off, is a launcher that pushes you forward into a switch path! Yipee!!! You can tell that this isn't exciting because you don't really have to do anything, it's all automatically. I wish that this had a little bit of thought put into it because it was so EASY!!!! Trialsboy, get testers next time please, it makes games better. Well, the next part is a really easy thing where you explode nitro, then go to a very easy invisible maze that gets annoying to so much space, but so little paths. Then is a little easy thing where there were easy switches, and every so often, you would see a switch, and something happened! Amazing. The thought put into this game wasn't high at all, it seems like he tried to copy a featured game design, which is fine to do, but didn't succeed. Well, after this is you getting some powerup, and killing a key with getting no damage and getting a crystal. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom.


The effort was low. That's all I got for you. Put more though into your games, and maybe don't just copy a featured game design if that is possible, because that would make this game a lot better imo.


BETTER PUZZLES. That was the number one thing. there weren't any effective puzzles that blew my mind tonight. I can't take it take it take no more! Yeah, it's that bad.


Action- 0/5

Puzzles- 0/5

Placement- 1/5

Gameplay- 1/5.

Overall, this game is a 0.5/5. Very low quality, and not enough thought put into it. Sorry for repeating myself, but this game had one to many flaws.


Mourning Morning Reviewed by jfurey14 on Saturday, July 30th 2011. [MR] Cliche - A game review written by jfurey14 for the game 'Mourning Morning' by trialsboy. Rating: 5