[MR] Priceless Antique

Review by jfurey14 on Saturday, October 15th 2011

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I've heard that 10000truths was an old member that was fun to be around, and when he posted this game he said that this was one of his old games. When I heard this I was excited to play what might be one of my favorite games possibly, and to experience something that I might not experience a lot. A good old game that has a very old concept.


Well, this game was pretty good, but not too good for an old game. I was expecting maybe a little more puzzle, and the lag was pretty incredible which was bad. It was a little too hard with basicially no health to spare, and it was really packed in a tiny space. It would've definitly been better if the goal wasn't to beat all of the enemies, and if there was more puzzle, because it really lacked puzzle. The placement was great, and very well thought. I liked how he kept the same concept the whole game, and did a lot of things that we see now. But I was happy to play this game because you don't see many robot games anymore, it's really unpopular, and it's really underestimated. But this game didn't exactly revolutionize the robot creator. It was a little mediocre if you ask me. I was a little surprised with the outcome, because I thought that this gamw would've been a bit better than it was. There was a good ammount of effort put into this game, and you can tell that 10000truths wanted to show you that this game was definitely possible. He spent at least 40 minutes on testing this game after it was published. The excacution of the game was pretty good, and the placement was good as well. There was one part in the game that really lacked fun, and it was the part where I died, and was not thought well at all. Overall, this game was a bit over done with the action, but the placement was pretty good. Now lets get to the gameplay.

Now this game was basically a lot of obstacles and robots. There was a little bit of skill that could be used to beat this game, but it is really hard to do that. The obstacles in the game provided a little puzzle, and there was some parts of the game that stood out, but not a really high level. It just was a bit better than the game itself. The game wasn't really a stand out game that is getting a great review and a lot of awesome ratings, it was just a normal game that was a little to overated. I had a little bit of fun playing this game, but not a whole lot. The robots were well placed, and the obstacles were a good challenge. But some parts weren't that good. I was really surprised that this game didn't live up to my standards, but it was okay. Next time I think that you should definitely think out the game a little bit more, and add some puzzles that could make the game less difficult, but more sratedgy involved. Puzzles would've boosted this game to a pretty high level, and maybe even feature worthy. But from my point of view, I didn't see much potential in this game.


I didn't get what I wanted, but I had fun playing a robot game which you don't get to see often. Good job 10000truths, but I think that this game could've been a bit better. Good job 10000 truths.


Puzzles, that's all I think that puzzles would've made this game more fun, and a lot more thinking would've been put towards completing the game. I accept the action in this game, but you need to balance a game out to make it feature worthy and amazing.


Action: 4/5

Puzzles: 1/5

Gameplay: 1.5/5

Placement: 2.5/5

Overall, this game gets a 2.25. This game was a little mediocre and didn't live up to the standards I wanted it too. But I hope you take my advice and make your next game better. And please use robot. ;)