[MR] Easy Peesy, Lemon Squeezy

Review by jfurey14 on Saturday, May 7th 2011
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Cat Burglar is a game created by rhabbit

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Yes, I've seen some great physics games. I'm not sure I've seen any bad games with physics because it is new. So, I'm not sure what to expect, because rhabbit can be annoying, and that sometimes can relate to game making. So, I don't have that high expectations.


The one level in this game is easy, but also a bit hard, but mainly easy. The scenery is amazing, but the puzzles are bad. The action is fine, but the placement is okay. This game is only 1 level, but it packs a punch. But still, this game isn't too good. The gameplay is smooth though. The game overall is normal, but wait. Some gets better, and some gets worse. So, the action isn't good because of the lack of enemies. There are only about 1 or 2, and they're really easy to dodge. The puzzles are fine, but there are only about 1 or 2. But the puzzles are bad. So, I wasn't too excited about those, especially since they aren't that good. So, the gameplay is smooth because of the confusing direction. You only have to go one way, so it's really weird where to go. The placement is good, but a bit sloppy because there are parts that he made that you don't even have to do. I wasn't so happy about this game, especially the fact that it's featured. It's not feature worthy, but the design makes it seem like it. But since the scenery is fine. But the look isn't always the best part of the game. Lets move on to the real gameplay.

So the game is really simple. It's basically just a few jumps, collecting a few coins, and your done. The rest of the game splodes... so there really isn't much to say, but I'll say it. The bottom part of the game is nothing. All you do is nothing. You don't have to do anything, because all of the coins are up. I really think that rhabbit should've made it longer, but he really outdid himself with the scenery. The scenery is the only good part of this game... so there really isn't much to say. Sorry bout the short review, but there isn't anything to talk about!


Well, my expectations are not even up 1/3. I mean, it's really bad... So, there are many changes to this.


There are many things that this game should use, and I'll name all of them just for you! No, not you, but the guy sitting next to you. For the action, make some more enemies! Because this game had literally no action, because you didn't have to kill anything, just dodge about two things. The puzzles are limited, but they aren't good. So, that needs to be remade obviously. The gameplay is fine, but it needs some bumpy roads so it will pack a punch! The placement also is bad, and it needs to involve harder parts in the game.






Overall, this game is 1.3/5. It's really bad, sorry. It is not feature-worthy, and I suggest you un-feature it. Take this advice though, and maybe it'll become feature worthy again!


Cat Burglar Reviewed by jfurey14 on Saturday, May 7th 2011. [MR] Easy Peesy, Lemon Squeezy - A game review written by jfurey14 for the game 'Cat Burglar' by rhabbit. Rating: 5