By jigglypuff12345 :: Monday January 11th, 2016


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One day toms son was being a brat near Christmas. So toms son got on the naughty list. A little elf told Santa that somebody's at the door. It was a demon named Krampus. Krampus told Santa that the one who not be named told him to punish the bad children and to kill the naughtiest one of them all. Santa agreed. The naughtiest of them all happened to be toms son. One Christmas night Krampus took toms son away from him for being a brat and a bully to others. He took him away in his potato sack to his castle. Never to be seen again. His parents started to look for him but never found him. A year later tom had a divorce so tom planned to commit suicide on the north poll to be reunited with his son. But the plane crashed and he was the only survivor. Tom thought that was a sign to keep on living. Then he remembered the night his son was kidnapped. The demon that he saw on the night his son was stolen. The demon headed north. So this might be his chance to be reunited with his son.


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